Simplifying Engineering
I'm Interested
Thea reduces uncertainty in the early stages of non-software engineering projects in mature, regulated markets.

Arnaud Doko

Roles. R&D, Project Management, and Account Management.
Sectors. Automotive, MedTech, and Consultancy.
Previously. Circadia Health and Metaview (both Village Global portfolio).
Training. Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath.

There is a growing gap in productivity between software engineering and all other engineering disciplines.

We aim to fix that.

‍Over the past decades, it has become clear that software engineering teams can build, collaborate, and iterate more quickly and cheaply than their non-software enginering counterparts. We see two reasons for this.

Greater Regulation

Non-software engineering is significantly more regulated than software enginering. There are more standards governing the design of an airplane than the development of a food delivery app, and with good reason. But this means that non-software engineering teams are left to absorb this additional compliance overhead whilst the trend for increasing regulation continues.

Lack of Good Tools

Software engineers have developed powerful tools to manage their form of knowledge work, whilst non-software engineers have fewer and less powerful tools available to them. The data they handle daily exists in physical, fragmented, and often unstructured locations and formats. This is particularly problematic at the earliest, most volatile stages of projects where downstream costs are usually locked in.

The Solution

Thea is an email, Slack, and Teams extension that crawls non-software engineering team's communications. It extracts rogue engineering files and automatically clusters them by project for easy review and use in compliance.